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Mums and Money: income maximisation in the community

Posted on 09th Dec 2021

Since October, IncomeMax has been working with Young Mums Support Network (YMSN) to deliver its very first place-based community initiative, ‘Mums and Money’, funded by the Trust’s Enhancing Community Support programme.

Together, IncomeMax and YMSN are providing on the ground financial support and advice to vulnerable families that can often be hard to reach.

Fiona Small, Founder of Young Mums Support Network explains,

“Mums have been one of the hardest hit groups of society by the pandemic. Mums and Money provides access to information to maximise the money in mums’ pockets, alleviate some of the financial burden they face and enable them to move forwards. Reducing financial stress helps mums, children, schools, and the wider community. It’s a no brainer.”

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The importance of being accessible online

During these challenging and uncertain times, it has never been more important to be accessible...

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