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Applying to the British Gas Energy Trust for a grant

The first step to getting financial help, is always to understand what support is available to you. Then, you should get professional money advice from a local advice centre as there may be a number of options to help your situation. Your local advice centre will also help you understand how you will manage your energy costs in future, which you’ll need to show when applying for a grant.

Step 1: Find the right support for you

Millions of households are not claiming the benefits they are entitled to. The Bounce Back Checklist details the main benefits and schemes available for those struggling with money and energy debt, whether you’re in work or not. It also lists specialist organisations that offer guidance and support on other issues you may be facing. Take a look at the Bounce Back Checklist to see what you may be entitled to and how to apply.

Step 2. Getting specialist money and energy advice local to you

We fund local advice centres across England, Scotland and Wales that specialise in money and energy debt. These specialist services include help with budget planning, resolving energy debt issues, and support with maximising income. This is also a great next step as your local advice centre can help you understand whether to apply for grants, and how to do it. Speaking to a friendly voice can help relieve the pressure and give you reassurance that you can take back control of your finances.

Step 3. Applying for a grant

If you’ve sought advice and still need help to get back on your feet, you may be eligible for a British Gas Energy Trust grant.

Our Grants

British Gas Energy Support Fund

The Energy Support Fund is open. To be considered for a grant you must meet the following criteria. If you cannot tick all boxes your application will not progress to assessment:  

 If you meet all the above criteria, you may be eligible for a Trust grant, click here to apply for a grant.

 Please note: The British Gas Energy Trust is an independent charity, funded by British Gas. Please do not contact us concerning British Gas customer enquiries or complaints as we have no information on British Gas accounts. This includes billing queries and Warm Home Discount queries.  

Individual and Families Debt Write Off Fund

The Individual and Families fund is closing to credit account customers on 8th March 2024 – please read the below before applying. 

The Individual and Families Fund will be closing to credit account customers at 4pm on 8th March 2024. It will remain open to those with a pre-payment meter.
The fund is available to BG and Non-BG customers with debt on a credit energy account or those on a pre-payment meter.
If you are a credit account customer and have already applied before this date, and your application requires you to submit further information, you will not be sent any further reminders to submit this information and your application will be declined. Please ensure when applying that you have all information required uploaded when submitting your application. Further information on required evidence can be found here
If you are a British Gas customer, you can still apply for the Energy Support Fund, whether you have a credit account or a pre-payment meter.

If you are struggling with energy debt, please make sure you are seeking money advice. More information can be found at Fuel & Money advice.

You do not need to be a British Gas customer to apply for this fund. You can be a British Gas Customer, or a customer from another supplier with arrears of up to £2,000, however we want to ensure that grants go to people who cannot access energy debt help from their own provider. The following suppliers Eon, Eon Next, EDF, Scottish Power, OVO, Boost, SSE and Octopus all have their own funds to support their customers only, so if you are a customer of one of these companies, please apply to them directly.

As part of your application, we will want to understand how you will be able to manage your energy costs in future. 

This is why it’s so important to ensure you have sought professional money advice before applying, as there may be other routes which are more suitable for your situation.

To be considered for a grant you must meet the following criteria. If you cannot tick all boxes your application will not progress to assessment –

Please note : if you are a UTILITA credit customer you will not be able to apply to our fund, but if you are a UTILITA PPM customer with outstanding debt you can still apply at BGET.

You can apply here: Apply Now.

Guidance for Money Advice services applying on behalf of, or supporting an application.

Please note that the British Gas Energy Trust is interested in funding applications where the applicant can show a sustainable position moving forward. We believe that it is rarely in the person’s best interest to seek a debt write-off, without dealing with the underlying problem of a deficit budget, due to this deficit budget’s will only be considered in exceptional circumstances, there is some allowance for marginal exceptions.

Please note where client’s would be eligible for a Bankruptcy or DRO, we expect this to have been explained to the client. Clients who are eligible for a DRO may not be successful in their application, as there is an alternative route to managing their debt.

The Trust expects that the money advice service who has supported the applicant, has ensured that all advice given and action taken by their agents or appointed representatives a) has regard to the best interests of the applicant b) is appropriate to the individual circumstances of the applicant c) is based on a sufficiently full assessment of the financial circumstances of the applicant.1

1 8.3.2 Consumer Credit Sourcebook, Financial Conduct Authority