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Find out who we have helped through our Individual and Families Fund

The British Gas Energy Trust’s Individual and Families Fund directly helps those with energy debts up to £1500, regardless of who their energy provider is.

In 2021/22 the Individuals and Families Fund provided over £1.01 million in 1,388 grants to those whose situations met the specific vulnerability criteria, meaning it was able to help those most in need. These grants aim to help each applicant manage their ongoing bills and charges.

This fund offers a holistic approach as applicants also work with money advice agencies, such as British Gas Energy Trust funded organisations, to help avoid the burden of energy debt, make informed choices and improve money management skills in many other areas of their lives. 

87% of those who receive funding state their worries about finances have been reduced*, with another 78% reporting that they now plan ahead for bills and other expenses*. 

Miss A is a 27-year-old single parent with two young children living in a local authority property.
Her income comprises of a part time salary, universal credit, child benefit, personal independence payment and council tax support. She receives no financial support in the form of child maintenance.

Miss A has suffered with mental health issues for a number of years. They came to the forefront when Miss A gave birth to her child and suffered with pelvic girdle, which left her having to use a wheelchair.

This impacted on her ability to keep on top of her finances, and she soon accrued arrears on her energy accounts.

Miss A previously worked full-time helping people in similar situations she now finds herself in.  

Miss A applied for British Gas Energy Trust’s Individual and Families Fund and spoke with one of our trained grants assessors, who aid applicants based on their individual personal and financial circumstances.

Miss A has received money advice from her local council and is working closely with them to help improve her mental health and her finances.

She is fuel poor and is unable to clear the arrears outstanding but her balanced budget shows that she is able to manage her ongoing charges now she is back working part-time.

Miss A was rewarded a grant for her gas arrears, totalling £1447.00.


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*British Gas Energy Trust: Impact Report 2022