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British Gas Energy Trust Post Office pop-ups in 2023

Since its launch in September 2023, the British Gas Post Office pop-ups have been running in England, Scotland and Wales. So far thirteen pop-up events have taken place, providing support and information to over 1,200 people and generating at least 80 referrals for in-depth money and energy advice.

The advice and support provided is holistic and can include income maximisation, help for people with energy debt, energy efficiency measures for the home and onward referrals to further services such as mental health, advocacy and housing support.  

To deliver the pop-ups, British Gas Energy Trust has teamed up local charities that are experts in supporting people in their communities – in addition to money and energy advice, their services also include welfare rights, mental health support, housing advice, and help for domestic violence survivors. Their expertise means that they are perfectly placed to support clients who may be experiencing a range of complex issues. In total, eleven charities have been partnered with to help facilitate pop-ups until March 2024, with the Trust’s funding helping to expand the capacity of these charities to reach even more people this winter than they would otherwise be able too.

With more people at risk of fuel poverty due to rising living costs, the pop-ups have been vital for the Trust and its funded organisations to get out into communities to raise awareness of the support available. One person who visited a pop-up in Glasgow was not aware of Money Matters, the local charity helping run the event. They then went on to receive support with identifying and applying for benefits they were entitled to, with their application being successful. They expressed that the extra money each month would make a huge difference to their wellbeing and mental health.

To continue raising awareness of the pop-ups and the other support available, the Trust has been contacting local schools so that parents and families have more visibility of the events and are able to access the advice. The impact of this outreach is already being demonstrated, with several families taking the time to visit the pop-up and speak with advisors. Local and regional press and radio coverage is also amplifying awareness of the events and the support available from both the Trust and its funded organisations. 

In 2024 the pop-ups will be continuing, with twelve scheduled to take place between January and March.

Visit Post Office Community Pop-up Money & Energy Advice – British Gas for further details of the pop-ups and where you can access support. 

To find a money and energy advice service local to you, please click here.