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Project Information

Changeworks is Scotland’s leading energy efficiency organisation, supporting households to reduce their energy use, their carbon footprint and to better achieve affordable warmth.

They provide advice, information and support to help clients save energy, be affordably warm and access financial support. With over 35 years of expertise in delivering high impact solutions for low-carbon living, they work to reduce household carbon emissions and improve energy efficiency for a warmer, drier, easier to heat home.

Their project, Energy Saving for All, is designed to help people from the most excluded communities in Scotland access energy advice and advocacy through community engagement.

Changeworks will collaborate with the Council for Ethnic Minority Voluntary Organisations (CEMVO) to combine expertise in delivering energy advice and supporting diverse ethnic minority communities. By working in partnership with CEMVO, Changeworks can tailor its services to support the most vulnerable households from ethnic minority groups.

The aims of the project include establishing connections with minority ethnic community groups, training volunteer energy advisors from within those communities, support schemes, advocacy and energy efficiency measures to be offered by Changeworks energy advisors and creating an energy advice toolkit translated into multiple languages.

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