This section will give you advice on who can apply, how to apply and where you can find additional help and advice. Please use the information to help you through the application process.

The Trust awards grants:

  • To clear domestic gas and electricity debts owed to British Gas and other suppliers

    In exceptional circumstances the Trust can also help with other priority household costs and items (called Further Assistance Payments), as follows:
  • Essential energy efficient white goods and cookers
  • Bankruptcy and Debt Relief Order fees, Minimal Asset Process and Sequestration
  • Contribution towards funeral arrears

Please note that at the current time, applications for further assistance payments are unlikely to be awarded due to extreme pressure on the funds.

Energy Efficient White Goods - Provision of items such as cookers, washing machines or refrigerators may be made where a special need for the item is shown. We will need a letter from an appropriate professional, e.g. health visitor, social worker or advice worker, confirming your need. If you need the item because of illness or disability in your family, you will also need to send us proof of that illness or disability.

Insolvency fees – If you are applying for insolvency fees you must not have previously been declared bankrupt, ensure you provide a full list of debts and have received advice from a professional advice worker or intermediary.

If you are applying for Insolvency fees as a Further Assistance Payments (FAP) on behalf of a client, you must submit a signed declaration confirming that your client fits the Trusts' criteria and that the client has received comprehensive advice on the implications of receiving an Insolvency option from an appropriately trained Money/Debt Advice worker.

This is essential for the relevant Trusts to be confident that the client is fully informed of the action they are taking and all possible consequences. If you are supporting your client but are not the one giving this advice, do not sign the declaration, but pass it to the trained adviser to sign.

If desired, you may download a declaration and submit it, already completed, with the application as this may help to speed up the application process for both parties. To download a declaration please use the buttons below.

Please remember that you must also submit a full list of debts for all clients seeking help with Insolvency fees. The Trusts cannot help with the court fees where the client is liable for these.

pdf Bankruptcy Debt Relief Order UK

pdf Minimal Asset Process Scotland

pdf Sequestration Process Scottish Bankruptcy

Funeral expenses - A payment may be considered where outstanding funeral expenses are causing hardship. Applications should indicate whether a payment has been received from the Social Fund towards those funeral expenses. Please tell us your relationship with the person who has died and why the estate of the deceased is unable to pay the funeral expenses.

Boiler Replacement - The Trust cannot currently help with boiler replacements.  Please check whether you are eligible for help under British Gas' ECO Scheme. For further information on ECO, please call 0800 294 0207 or visit

Items the Trust cannot help with

The Trust cannot give you a loan or help with bills you have already paid or items you have already bought. The Trust will also not help with:

  • Fines for criminal offences
  • Overpayments of benefits
  • Educational or training needs
  • Business debts Debts to central government departments e.g. tax and national insurance
  • Catalogues, credit cards, personal loans and other forms of non-secured lending
  • Medical equipment, aids and adaptations
  • Deposits to secure accommodation
  • Holidays
  • Council Tax arrears
  • Rent/Mortgage arrears
  • Beds/carpets
  • Water/sewerage debts

Apply For A Grant

The easiest way for an individual to apply is via the Trust’s online application form

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